Chosen as one of the top 125 world cinema "masterpieces" of all time.

"Beautifully photographed in dazzling colors and with hypnotic chanting music,
soberly tells of Tibet's struggle to survive."

World Movie Reviews
Dennis Schwartz

"Highly Recommended... For anyone interested in alternative spiritual traditions, or Eastern culture in general, this set is a must-have. One of the few documentaries that entertains as well as enlightens, this trilogy is sumptuous both visually and aurally....”

DVD Talk
Jeffrey Kaufmann
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"Vajra Sky Over Tibet is an illuminating meditation on that deepest of Buddhist philosophical concerns - impermanence. Study of a threatened culture and people is beautifully shot inside Tibet's most sacred sites and arrives with the blessing of the Dalai Lama. The peaceful principles of the faith infuse every frame...”

Richard Kuipers
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"As the images unfold and the facts accrete like sand in a mandala, "Vajra Sky Over Tibet" builds an atmosphere of serene outrage."

The Boston Globe
Ty Burr
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"[Vajra Sky Over Tibet] is not only the year’s best documentary, but also among the finest films ever made about religion... A work of power and glory."

"The beauty and poignancy of what I was seeing in Tibet was overwhelming at times and I would need to step away from the camera. Capturing the essence of these sacred places and the devotional will of the Tibetan pilgrims were powerful experiences that are shared abundantly in the footage."

A View From Tibet: Interview with John Bush
Phil Hall/Film Threat
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"John (Bush) is a visionary in the truest sense: he uses his visions and images for the purpose of transformation."

The Huffington Post
Perry Garfinkel
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"The Yatra Trilogy offers up the mesmerizing beauty and ineffable power of places most of us will never see."

"From the earliest images of the Buddha's footprint to the garagantuan gold statues of Southeast Asia to the awe-inspiring intricacy of Tibetan mandalas, dharma imagery has inspired humans to stick to the path. So it seems only natural that the digital age would bring us digital aids for practice meant to inspire authentic devotion in the same spirit as a seventeenth-century Laotian wood-carving of the Buddha's hand. Such is the motive behind The Yatra Trilogy, three films directed, written and produced by John Bush....actress Sharon Stone's clean, unaffected narration of Prajna Earth complements Bush's gentle camera work."

"The film is part meditation on and part travelogue to Tibet, documenting places where the Buddhist practice still exists despite the ban by the occupying Chinese government."

The Boston Globe
Leslie Brokaw

"Bush's stunning camera work adroitly captures the majectic landscapes and icons of Buddhism: its murals and artworks, monks and nuns... A tonic for Buddhists, no doubt, it offers many pleasures to atheists as well."

Village Voice
John Patterson
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"A well-photographed inside look at a fascinating culture and its people."

Los Angeles Times
Corina Chocano
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"John Bush's enthralling and heartfelt documentary explores the beauty and the vulnerability of the Buddhist tradition in Tibet today and its importance to the Western world."

Spirituality & Practice
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
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"Journey Into Buddhism: You’ll find the trilogy’s gifts to be manifold. This film demonstrates that civilizations may fade or get trampled like flowers,  but the lotus of indestructible truth will continue to bloom out of the mud and trouble of history."

Edge Boston
Kyle Thomas Smith
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"Evoking Devotion - The Yatra Trilogy is a series of 3 lovingly made films about key Buddhist pilgrimage sites that have preserved their sanctity. The slow pace of the films, beauty of the imagery, absence of commentary and mesmerizing soundtrack enable them to evoke the power of the monuments they depict and the devotion of the pilgrims visiting them. They are rare glimpses of a vanishing world."
Buddhism for Today, UK

"Creator, director, cinematographer John Bush undertakes the production of a travel documentary as if it were fine art.  This is as good as this genre gets, and I’ve been to many of the places Bush describes and shows us in this magnificently produced DVD. …..  Maybe it is the ever-moving camera or the classical sacred music, but one does have the sense of a journey here into another time and place."

LA YOGA Magazine, Amit Goti
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"For nearly ninety minutes, with beautiful cinematography, captivating music, and gorgeous settings, Bush takes you deep inside a mysterious, peaceful, and threatened world that you will not soon forget."

This Week In New York

"[Journey Into Buddhism] features cameras lingering on Buddhist temples, statues of Buddha large and small, the rugged terrain of the Asian jungles, the golden ripples of the Mekong River, and the majestic peaks of the Himalayas."

Toledo Blade
David Yonke
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"Taking his camera into monasteries and capturing everyday moments with grace, Bush forgoes the idea of interviewing and lets his footage speak for itself."

Boston Herald
Chelsea Bain

"Travel to the sacred temples, remote monasteries, and lively festivals of the Himalayan landscape with filmmaker John Bush in a cinematic pilgrimage into the heart of Tibetan Buddhist culture. All is not well in this central Asian region, however, and as Bush offers a compelling glimpse into a culture that has endured for centuries, his exploration of the Chinese efforts to destroy this ancient wisdom from within provides a poignant snapshot of a contemporary tragedy in the making."

All Movie Guide
Jason Buchanan

"Images of the landscape, temples, and art dazzle with their gemlike luminosity and vaulting immensity."

Boston Phoenix
Peter Keough

"Bush has accomplished his primary and extraordinary feat: documenting a culture that threatens to disappear. It’s a loving effort, and an important addition to the body of films about this extraordinary, sacred region of the world."

Edge Boston
Theodore Bale
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"..Could soften the most brittle heart."

Time Out New York
Jules Verdone

“Vajra Sky Over Tibet is a spectacularly beautiful and highly informative movie… remarkably well lit for the conditions and shot as if Bush had all the time in the world to set up his cameras. His Buddhist credentials allowed the team access to the inner sanctums of temples beyond the reach of most tourists and bear witness to the determination of the residents to practice their religion openly. Their strength and resolve are palpable.

Well beyond any political subtext are wondrous scenes of sky-piercing mountains, raging rivers, lakes with mirror surfaces and picture-postcard valleys. The religious art and architecture is magnificent, as well."

Digital Dretzka
Gary Dretzka

"Vajra Sky is a stunning documentary, endorsed by the Dalai Lama and highly recommended by Free Tibet Campaign. The film visits temples, monasteries and festivals and explores Tibet's endangered culture. With a haunting soundtrack including songs by Yungchen Lhamo, this wonderful film will create nostalgia in all those who have been to Tibet and a yearning in those who have not. A fabulous gift for anyone with an interest in Tibet.”
Free Tibet Campaign, UK

"Creator, director, cinematographer John Bush undertakes the production of a travel documentary as if it were fine art.  This is as good as this genre gets, and I’ve been to many of the places Bush describes and shows us in this magnificently produced DVD. …..  Maybe it is the ever-moving camera or the classical sacred music, but one does have the sense of a journey here into another time and place."

LA YOGA Magazine, Amit Goti
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"VAJRA SKY is a magnificent attempt to bring the truth, beauty and indomitable faith of our Tibetan friends to a wide audience. The sound track is inspired. It comes recommended by none other than His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Fascinating viewing."


"VAJRA SKY is a beautiful and moving experience which in my view attempts to represent a balanced view of the current situation in Tibet. The monuments and rituals as well as daily life are depicted with both an eye for their unique beauty but without sentimentality. I know of no other film that enables viewers so balanced a view of the artistic and physical landscape of modern Tibet."

Professor of Tibetan Art History, University of Vienna, Austria
Dr. Deborah Kilmburg-Salter

"[The Yatra Trilogy] takes us on a beautifully in-depth trip through Asia from which even the most seasoned traveller would learn."

Vue Weekly, Edmonton
Carolyn Nikodym
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"The films of The Yatra Trilogy use music on an even deeper more organic level....there is amazing music and of course the films are just terrific visually as well...more like a visual meditation."
WNYC, New YorK Public Radio
John Schaeffer
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"VAJRA SKY is a journey unveiling some of the most remote and remarkable aspects of communist controlled Tibet.. We go places western visitors rarely go, see things most westerners haven't seen in decades.. This is about as stately and polished as video gets. It's museum quality in content, message and image.. A giant spiritual tapestry."

LA YOGA Magazine, Amit Goti
Ayurveda and Health

"Part one of acclaimed cinematographer and director John Bush's Yatra Trilogy, Dharma River: Journey of a Thousand Buddhas is a lush, timeless, and mystical cinematic voyage through the legendary rivers of Thailand, Burma, and Laos. The film features a haunting soundtrack of indigenous music, along with intimate footage of the region's most spectacular architecture, spellbinding rituals, and sacred ceremonies."

Shana Nys Dambrot
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[Dharma River is] "An essential film if you have an interest in Buddhism."

Ozus' World Movie Reviews
Dennis Schwartz
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"Dharma River delights: a flaming stream of fascinating imagery - lyrically poetic and visually stunning. Don't miss this dazzling glimpse of a sacred world."
Daniel Goleman
Author of international bestseller Emotional Intelligence

"Dharma River carries us along in the stream of spiritual blessings and delight. This visual feast transports us into the ancient yet timeless mystic East in a way that goes beyond place and time to touch the eternal."

"Watching DHARMA RIVER is a visual meditation and a contemplative experience. I thoroughly enjoyed making this sacred journey with John Bush and know others will too."
Lama Surya Das
Author of Awakening the Buddha Within

"Dharma River beautifully melds an inner and outer journey. Viewers find themselves transformed as the voyage takes them through different landscapes of Southeast Asia, of Buddhist teaching, and of the mind."
Sharon Salzberg
Author of Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experiences

"For those who love the Buddhist path, Dharma River is a poignant spiritual transmission. This stunningly beautiful pilgrimage through sacred landscapes of Buddhist Asia awakens us to the timeless truths that flow through every human heart."
Tara Brach, Ph.D.
Author of Radical Acceptance Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha

"Dharma River is an exquisitely beautiful journey through Laos, Thailand and Burma, exploring the important themes and landscapes of Buddhism at the source. Moving down rivers, through villages, and to important Buddhist pilgrimage sights...the visuals and narration create a mood of timeless peace. The musical score is perfect, the pacing is slow and hypnotic, and this viewer at least, felt altered by the experience of watching Dharma River."
Wes Nisker

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" "...An extraordinary achievement ...The depictions of the murals and temple decorations inside the major temples are extraordinary. Again, the narrative ties these glorious art works to Buddhism and hints at the rites and rituals the beauty inspires..."

"Technically, the video is as excellent as its content... careful editing of the images with the music... builds the film into a comprehensive sharing of the experience with the viewer."

"As an aid to meditation, segments can be programmed to the viewer's preference, repeated or looped to concentrate spiritual contemplation... the DVD version was designed for the practitioner as well as for the novice... it has endless educational and worship possibilities..."
Educational Media Reviews Online
Cliff Giaviano
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"The only journey worth its salt is the journey that stirs the heart. Dharma River takes the viewer on just such a heart journey - and has the added benefit of being visually and musically dazzling as well."
Catherine Ingram
Author of Passionate Presence and In the Footsteps of Gandhi

"For a stunningly beautiful visual trip into exotic and lush sacred
Buddhist and Hindu locations, [PRAJNA EARTH] is unparalleled."

Ozus' World Movie Reviews
Dennis Schwartz
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"PRAJNA EARTH is a serene cinematic pilgrimage pervaded by a quiet energy which allows you to be both steeped in the richness of the landscape and to absorb the significance of the symbolism."

Rubin Museum of Art, New York
Tim McHenry, Director of Programming

"PRAJNA EARTH is a visual pilgrimage of the heart of stunning intimacy and beauty."

"Chantmaster of American Yoga" - NY Times

"PRAJNA EARTH is a film I will come back to time and again. Like the spiritual wonders it so beautifully brings alive, PRAJNA EARTH takes us on a journey into our own potential. It is a pleasure at every level."
Mark Epstein, MD
Author of Thoughts Without a Thinker

"This pilgrimage to legendary Buddhist temples, shrines, and other sacred sites in Laos, Thailand, and Burma captures the architectural beauty and spiritual serenity of these ancient religious marvels. Viewers experience the power of the sacred through panoramic shots of several Buddhist shrines where devotees are deeply immersed in prayer. A spiritually soothing harmonic chant score and serene footage enhance the mood. Filmmaker and narrator John Bush's commentaries about Buddha's life and teachings deepen an appreciation of local art, ceremonies, symbolism, and architectural images. DVD options include a narrated and nonnarrated version and choice of specific locales. This first in a series of journeys to sacred places pleases both the mind and eye."

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